Introduce of Self
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Introduce of Self

Professionally I look up to myself as a hospitality professional with an intrinsic leadership qualities having proficient expertise on operations, reputation, revenue, finance, P&L, Budget and people management.

Having been in the hospitality industry for almost twenty years, over professional and diversified job roles with the worlds best renowned brands Marriott, Shangri-La & AccorHotels is indeed always a charismatic flair to share .

World-over, all big Hospitality brands have always kept themselves evolving  with technology, acquisitions, digitalization and solidarity to succeed ahead . My professional engagement with some of these renowned brands have infused in me always a competitive edge, with captivating interest to keep on adopting to their fresh business agile’s and march ahead on creating worthwhile, memorable, wining the Goodwill “Guest Experience” passionately by placing the heart at the center of everything that i do.

At this juncture when hotels are experiencing an unprecedented line of action due to the covid 19 pandemic and before the breakout of cronavirus were also experiencing a metamorphosis evidently with berserk 360 competition from OTAs, aggregators, now firm to declare startups like Airbnb & OYO. The hardships for survival and reckoning back to glory seems inevitably tough.

I through Canary Wharf Partners & Consulting as the “President of Partnerships & Communication” am there for you. We are a conscious brand reflecting ethos of Global Diversity, Open mindedness and innovative disruption across all segmentation, branding and tiers in Hospitality.

Canary Wharf Partners and consulting has come up for stepping backwards and have started to work in a new agile way for all hospitality conglomerates.

Canary Wharf is a home to many business leaders across the world. We deliver management consulting solutions across industries. We always strive to deliver our best in whatever we do, whether its an idea at greater scarce, from inception to conception and to delivery Canary wharf Partners and Consulting is always at the forefront of providing services of commitment, excellence and integrity.

Enjoy Reading and sharing

Avinash Datt Upadhyay

President Partnerships & Communication

Canary Wharf Partners & Consulting

The Lord Wharf

We're a conscious brand that reflects the ethos of Global Diversity, Open Mindedness and Innovative Disruption

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1 year ago

Looking very nice sir