Your company might have a clear strategic imperative, but your unit or team might not.

Strategic uncertainty really feels like slogging through a pile of mud burried under spillage of conventional management practices without the substance of innovation. We have many examples in this regards, the pandemic of Convid 19 has been demonstrating this to us from all across industries.

Hospitality as an industry is no less to showcase on this gloom.

As management avoids investment being highlighted to them for the prominence of keeping bussiness compatible with future trends. Inadequate decisions, recurring heard backs, deferred excuses, mitigates organisation environment. Thus culturing fear, uncertainty, driving bad behavior that are filled with proponent personal agendas.

Project management has the ability to move the organization forward precisely even during the times when the path ahead is hazy.

When strategies are uncertain, Project management has ability to acknowledge what’s unknown, as well as efficiently the subject helps to look ahead to what likely is going to happen.

Lackness on the capability to judge the dynamics of what really is impacting the hospitality bussiness? What are various focus area’s that urgently require brainstorming discussions? Strategizing effectively of how to proceed further potentially towards your guests making their experience in hotel as great as was before without socal distancing clauses? In almost every aspect, Project management is an important tool to shape better for future.

In this ongoing spurring uncertain environment projects are the key way to create value and benefits for hospitality organisations.

No matter change management will lead to strategic ambiguity pushing the manager’s to be out from their conventional comfort zone. However firmly this aspect will fine tune the respective unit and the team members working in that unit team to work towards overall organization objectives.

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President Partnerships and Communication

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