Do Hotels have meaningful Digital Marketing Campaigns

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For Hospitably to adopt

Have been hearing and reading about path formation in this ongoing crises of COVID from various industries experts. The Hospitality digital marketing campaigns are turning up with their PR releases with fascination about being digital. Digital is now the way forward.

Again with reference to my article on LinkedIn published on 06th June 2020 with topic name “The hotel industry has a track record of reluctance when it comes to embracing new technology and disciplines”. So significantly each one of us will find that digital foundations in hotels are weak and absurd. They require huge progress from the very fundamental core of initializing a digital campaigns.

Hotels marketing team have to well understand being lucrative is not the only and overall marketing concept . Just jumping on to publishing contents on various digital channels, the hospitality industry have severely failed on having realization that “Digital Channels are not broadcast channels in the traditional sense of the term”. In fact they are interaction channels that facilitate two way conversations. Before launch of any digital campaign does hotels even try to research and decipher out through marketing analytics tools of what their customers are doing online. Hence hotels invariably miss on the first principle of Digital Marketing which is Initiation.

Hotels digital marketing campaigns often do not resonate with Online customers largely. Hotels are over-buried in their arrogance of being a mythical advertising moguls who are presumed for devising a killer campaign. Unfortunately this was a thing of past. Iteration lacks largely here. Ideally the content or a design of any add campaign has to be executed with a provision of modifying it to endless number of times in accordance to response of user actions. What we understand as “Tweak” has to be in its greatest strength for converting add campaign to a killer campaign.

"Hotels just focus", your customers are better describing of what they want then you as an advertiser. 

There is abundance of data in hotels on their CRM, still relaying on nonsensical training programs made just for fulling KPI objectives, will never be good on decision business yields ever. Hotels conventional training structure needs an immediate immense change. Any hotel websites provides information on all analytics. Fetching from there an integrated view of customers will be more relevant in planing for an add campaigns will be of much more relevance than relying on gut and fantasy of white collar executor. There has to be a sound integration between all various digital platforms available today.

The power of doing is below

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Imagine Charles Dickens writing away in a cozy pub, thinking through which keywords he would rank best for in Google.

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