The Functionality Dialogues – Exploring solutions for future action. (Hotel Engineering, Asset Management and Project Management)

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Feel invited as ones own to hear out the invitation from Lord Wharf of Canary Wharf Partners & Consulting series second live conference on Hotel Engineering, Asset Management and Project Management on 31st July at 18:00 hrs.
Below are little briefs on what our panelists are going to speak on
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Shwetank Singh is going to talk about the damage inflicted by COVID-19, which cannot be surely underestimated. What can be the imperative future, steps to let hotel owners stay vigilant towards their funds, keeping as well the aligned interests with all concerned parties and international hotel brands.
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Kush Kapoor is going to speak on diversified services modulations towards shaping luxury in a new norm.  What are the most significant strategy of forecasting in times of unknown period that falls ahead.  As recently Roseate Hotels and resorts added up another icon to their existing opulence of beautiful hospitality in Rishikesh, what were the technical and engineering set ups that are as of now due to lower level of occupancy have no critical use, however  they are a determined cost for running the hotel  as per its brand image.  
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Govind Mundra will be speaking on the evolving importance of Asset Managers in this onging COVID era, where hotels have already started witnessing ceased operations due to no travel bubbles formation. Hence to keep the hotels afloat what are the prominent challenges for hotel operators and owners.
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Shiv Kashyap is going to speak on, how the berserk breakout of COVID has led the hospitality industry being into “Corona-crisis”. What are the new design implementation that are required to make hotels run with rational aspect of Return on investment in all project phase strategies.
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Hitanshu Monga is going to speak elaborating on various costs that is incurred to have standardization over delivery for maintenance services all over . From installation , to upkeep, to hygiene ,to training requirements for all work force. Importance of Audits and how audits are helpful to access optimal insight for hotel engineers.
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Manas Banerjee is going to speak on the aspects of hotel agreements and contracts. How can we balance out the operations expenses with comfort of guests as well as towards interest of the owners.
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Rothin Banerjee is going to talk to us on energy optimization with the upkeep of brand promise, he will illustrate to us about preventive maintenance that are taken in rising scenario of COVID in hotels.
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Arun V is going to talk us about HVAC maintenance, which has extremely become critical with COVID outbreak.
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Narayanan S is going to talk to us about suggestive engineering technologies in hotels that are developed towards Guest and Employee safety especially after outbreak of COVID,

Be with us tuned into Facebook Live as we will be telecasting the event for all you exclusively on 31st May2020 at 18:00 hrs Indian Standard Time.

Warm regards

Avinash Datt Upadhyay

President Partnerships and Communication

Canary Wharf Partners & Consulting

The Lord Wharf

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