Catch the entire talk from Honorable Mr. Kush Kapoor CEO Roseate Hotels and Resort’s

Dream big dreams.Plan big plans. Make great commitments. Catch Roseate Hotels and Resort’s CEO Mr. Kush Kapoor on The Functionality Dialogue by Lord Wharf Lead mascot Canary Wharf Partners and Consulting in partnership with Intend hotels. Note: Heavy file.

With modest charm commencing his opening lines the Honorable CEO of Roseate Hotels and Resort’s Mr. Kush Kapoor passes on his sincere regards to hotel engineering staffs, Chief Engineer’s and technology partners expressing “As we talk about wife as the backbone of our home in same aspect I take department Engineering as the pillar and base of my hotels.

Even when conceptualizing a hotel get an Engineer on board because that’s the most important thing out there.

Elaborating on significant strategies of forecasting and technical engineering set ups in the hotel. Mr. Kush Kapoor always works hands on hand’s with Engineering team and technology partners.

Leveraging on Artificial intelligence with hotel engineering combined with it. It’s always necessary and important to have the best engineering team in hotels. So beautifully Mr. Kush Kapoor puts his statement “Engineering in hotels is a merger of human being along with the technology.

Tecnology partners are so important, moreover it’s glorious to find them ready to work hands on hands with hotels nowadays. They are even ready to invest in your business, to gain platform for enhancing their market capabilities through this. Mr. Kush Kapoor felt proud on expressing out a venture with a US firm, for Roseate Hotels and Resort’s property in Rishikesh that converts moisture in air to water through solar panels. He spoke about having inhouse bottling plant thus facilitating Alkaline water supply for guests as well as the employees.

He expressed HLP costs in hotels is not solely only a responsibility of Engineering team, all other manager’s are equally accountable for power consumption in their specific units. The Roseate Hotels and Resort’s are LEAD certified thus functionally automated to help in saving Heat, light and power.

Mr. Kush Kapoor firmly believes in his expressed statement “Marketing starts actually from the hotel and then it’s goes out of the hotel. Rather than the other way around.

Decentralization is an important focus in all properties of Roseate Hotels and Resort’s, aspiring empowerment is the enabling culture.

Research and Development is an important focus at Roseate Hotels and Resort’s. Mr. kush kapoor was so happy to express his collbration with Artifical intelligence and software companies that have innovative technologies for his properties. The funda is to invest right, in the right product and on right set of equipments.

He expressed concern referring to his earlier experience with other properties. That as business gets down everything on repair and maintenance gets shut. He as the CEO of Roseate Hotels and Resort’s conveys “Spending money when business is down for repair and maintenance is a good time for getting the product back in shape.

Mr. Kush Kapoor with pride informed how the engineering team members at his hotel replanted 1000 plus and almost 500 years old tree’s by completely uprooting them and replanting them again where the rooms where geeting build.

Chief Engineers at Roseate Hotels and Resort’s are tech savy. Everything for everyone is on cloud. Seamlessly facilitating everyone in engineering team to work comfortably.

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Avinash Datt Upadhyay

President Partnerships and communication

Canary Wharf Partners and Consulting

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