Digital Transformation in Hotels
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Hotel Online Skills

Digital Transformation in Hotels

Well I can bet you on it, that you will be happy to endorse my blog Digital Transformation in Hotels.

Let’s go ahead.

Recollect your memories, for all the conversations you ever had with any hotel staff, across departments.

It would have started from dialing to hotel’s board line. May be to book a room or reserve a table. At the time of check out not finding your GST number on Invoice. You got a mail from hotel loyalty team noticing the points credit was wrong.

Your experiences will conclude the variance in knowledge existing firmly between representatives from all departments in a hotel on digital awareness.

Access digital transformation.

How is it taking place between staff that work in hotels?

Digital Transformation in Hotels for Front of the House Staff in a hotel

Front liners staff are the face of a hotel, they represent brand, its philosophy, its vision, its promise for all customers.

They are trained in accordance to standard operating procedures, they facilitate services for guests, by interacting with them directly.

Their understanding of digital can be confined as below:

  • Enhancing settlement of bills through QR codes.
  • Showing the services and facilities of a hotel on an I pad to a guest.
  • Delivering mugged up phraseology for loyalty enrollments before a guest at the time of Check-in.
  • Causally informing the guests on steps for how to connect to Hotel’s WiFi.
  • Requesting the guests to rate the hotel with positive reviews on social sites such as GMBTrip Advisor etc and on Guest satisfaction survey’s.

How Digital Proficient are the Back of the House Staff in a Hotel

Not necessarily you will be finding them playing in the front, the back of the house hotel staff are those who constitute of departments such as Hygiene, Security, IT, Accounts, Human resource, Engineering etc.

Their digital awareness varies as below

Digital Transformation in Hotels as Classified according to working domain.

  • AV Technicians are relied to make your conference in a hotel successful. Digital knowledge for an AV technician would primarily mean, checking the facilities of conference hall in a hotel for audio and visual installations.
  • Laundry valets and Housemen are the custodians of cleanliness and hygiene in a hotel. They love to take an extra mile for your special requests and to decorate your room over special occasions. Digital for them means acknowledging and closing of errands on the provided system that maps escalation of service requests.
  • Security staff provide assurance of being safe in a hotel. Digital for them means checking CCTV footage and performing lock reading tasks.
  • Engineering staff are the back bone for all the the facilities that exists in a hotel, in the process to upkeep the maintenance for a property, they start gaining insights of equipment’s, machines and plants. They develop awareness of building management software’s which is digital and surely advantageous to track HLP consumption and emissions.
  • IT staff in a hotel, their digital platforms are primarily printers and desktops installations, they are the support agents for various software’s that are configured across departments, technically they are aware of internet ports, hence assemble network lines and connect your system with LAN cables , also facilitate guest request for increased wi-fi bandwidth etc.
  • Accounts staff deal from the back end, they do compilations related to transactions, their digital field is to work for structuring data as recorded through booking keeping.
  • Human Resource in a hotel has transformed itself in a big way. The employee engagement techniques, hiring process, salary and attendance upkeep, statutory and legal compliance are on digital platforms now.

Digital Transformation in Hotels for Marketing, Sales and Revenue staff in a hotel

They are the ones who because of their work profiles have adequate resources at their disposal to be a step ahead on digital awareness in a hotel. However between themselves in accordance to their work domain the knowledge to leverage out best from digital skills differs.

Sales Professionals in Hotels

Sales staff just jolt their way to crack into existing market segmentation, pick some room nights to maintain their productivity for attaining KPI. Without scrutinizing the essential dynamics which can be easily learned, worked upon and implemented through digital tools as a wonderful resource data.

OTA’s websites like Booking.comExpediaMake My trip, etc and aggregators like AirBnb and Oyo has well understood the power of Digital marketing, thus have dominated complete sales force of a hotel. Public Direct segment for almost every hotel is found lower than Public Indirect segment.

Revenue Management Professionals in Hotels

Revenue management has evolved bringing in with it many online digital tools that provide accessibility to a hotel to better analyse its real time market potential through demand, competitors data and city forecast algorithms related to occupancy and Rate levels.

These tools are EzRMS inforOTA Insight and even Amadeus has a unique revenue management solution tools.

But how efficient are revenue managers and their team to peep through these data, analyse, develop strategy, implement, monitor and then iterate back with change again.

Most of the time revenue managers analysis is seemed conventional lacking principles of Digital marketing.

Marketing Professionals in Hotels

At last we come the real marketing team for a hotel.

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Hotel Digital Marketing Checklist

If you have to compare between hotel brand website and an Online Travel Agent website which you feel resonates more with customer? To help you MOZ tool indicates OTA Websites have higher Domain Authority and page Authority that Hotel Chains websites

Hotel marketing team works for its own status quo,lacking severely on proficient Digital marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, link building techniques , Google ads etc. They sophisticate post on social sites without finding what customers are searching for them on search engines.

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What is actually needed is hiring a consultant who can develop the training modules of digital marketing for a hotel. Bringing on major hotel staff to get trained over it through Online means at their convenience.

A brand is longer what we tell the customer it is.

It is what customer tell each other it is.

Scott Cook

The Lord Wharf

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